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Grishanin N.V. 1 Proskuryakov M.R. 1
1 NOU VPO “ Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences” (St. Petersburg
In today´s information environment, crowded ideological construct, trust is of particular value. That is the reason why social networks are valuable for trade unions and political organizations: they allow you to create a personal relationship with many people at once. Social media sites are the platform on which the user produced content comes through interaction and collaboration in a virtual space, changing the hierarchy and ideological communities. Interest in the use of electronic social technologies of the trade union movement is related to the fact that social media can apply to a large number of people simultaneously, and provide a platform that enables two-way communication. Trade unions, as a special principle of solidarity groups in the struggle for common economic interests, had several state formations and have always been associated with the system of government. The use of social technologies “tones” the ideology of the trade union movement, gives a new and practical solutions to implement the functions of the trade union movement.