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ISSN 2500-0802
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Arsentyeva I.I. 1 Mikhailenko A.N. 2
1 Saratov State University
2 Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
The article gives a brief description of the Soviet approach to the development of border areas, when the barrier function of the state border was dominant. Most neighbors were considered as potential military enemies, and land borders with capitalist or unfriendly countries were guarded most carefully. The issue of social and economic development of the border area was not on the agenda. With the Soviet Union collapsing new threats, bound up with criminal activities of international terrorist groups, drug trafficking, illegal migration etc., were added to the list of the border problems. Border subjects of the Russian Federation are nowadays a kind of gaps in the system of national security. The article’s focus is put on the prospects of borderland’s development. It is concluded that a new conceptual and practical approach to correlation between barrier and contact functions of the borders is needed.