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Petukhova T.V. 1
1 Ulyanovsk State Technical University
Article is devoted to studying of sociocultural mechanisms of formation of semiotics space of culture. The methodological basis of this work is made by information and semiotics approach (Ch. Pearce, F. D. Saussure, Zh. Bodriyyar, R. O. Jacobsonr, M. Yu. Lotman). Relevance of article is connected with need of modern society for formation of a strong basis of the Russian identity, overcoming of blurring of public ideas of own history and culture. The decision above the stated tasks lies in the sphere of ideology which is closely connected about formation in mass consciousness of certain sociocultural images. The author of article entered the concept «sociocultural image» which is understood as basic unit of formation of public representations which find semiotics fixing in cultural space. The concept «sociocultural image» is considered in interrelation with the concepts «image», «artistic image», «image», «stereotype».