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Klyueva I.V. 1
1 Ogarev Mordovia State University
The article discusses the phenomenon of the creative pseudonym of the world-renowned sculptor, mordvinian by origin Stepan Erzia (real name – Stepan Dmitrievich Nefyodov, 1876–1959). The author conducts the scientific verification of different interpretations of this alias (including the basic versions about time, circumstances and causes of its appearance), presented in modern domestic and global humanitarian science and in cultural consciousness (encyclopedias and reference literature, popular art history, journalism, memoirs). On the basis of unpublished archival documents, which are first introduced into scientific use, the author offers the most reliable dating of the adopting the creative alias by the artist. By means of comparative analysis of different sources (documents, evidences of the contemporaries, the publications about Erzia in life-time newspapers and magazines) are specified the circumstances and reasons for he took the pseudonym; the stages in use of the pseudonym are traced. The author also draws attention to the correctness of writing the artist’s pseudonym in Cyrillic and Latin.