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Tremzina O.S. 1
1 Saratov State Conservatory. LV Sobinova
Results of the research which purpose consisted in justification of conductor’s gesture as means of intonational expressiveness are given in article. During research the comparative analysis of musical intonation and conductor’s manual movements was carried out. It was found that the basis of musical intonation are the principle of gravitation, aspiration sounds and their weight, representing different stages of the alternation of power voltage. It was also found that there are two basic types of intonation gravity (vertical and horizontal). In this regard the main task of research consisted in detection of predisposition of conductor’s gesture to an embodiment of the intonational contents. Research led to the conclusion that the conductor passes through manual gestures, mainly musical intonation, and through it gives his gestures certain energy conducive to its impact on the human psyche.