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Steklova I.A. 1
1 Penza State University of Architectural and Construction
The article states the problem of architectural meanings origin gains the particular relevance in modern design strategy. The backgrounds of first hermeneutical research of architecture through fiction images are presented. The architectural form device and the poetic metaphor device with form and content integrity are mapped. In the understanding and language structures the spaciousness promotes explanation of reasonable and harmonious reality structures in the world views is accentuated. The properties of the physical architectonic as the world architectonic are discussed in A. S. Pushkin creation. The architectural tops typology by Pushkin is derived in Cartesian coordinate system relying on the gravitational vertical and horizontal extent. In the architectural objectivity metaphors the geometric universals resonating with the mental universals are identified. The author comes to the conclusion about deep-rooted significance of the architecture in the construction of a poetry world view.