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Zakharova T.P. 1 Sidorov K.A. 1
1 FGBOU VPO Gosudarstvenny agricultural university of Northern Zauralie
The article presents a comparative analysis of the status and prospects of development of the pig industry of the Tyumen region for the period from 2007 to 2013 Marked a significant development of the pig industry in recent years. The statistical analysis of the data revealed that 85-95% of all disease is accounted for by non-communicable diseases, and only the remaining 5-15% infectious. In this regard, the economic damage from non-communicable diseases in livestock farms is much greater than from infectious diseases. The basic reasons for the development and spread of non-contagious pathology on industrial pig-breeding complexes. On the basis of what the conclusion of the article presents the conclusion that the main causes of diseases in pigs are violations of the technology content and mode of feeding. The main diseases that are most often recorded in pig farms - diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems.