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ISSN 2500-0802
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Kutyrev V.G. 1 Steklov A.М. 1
1 Penza State University of Architectural and Construction
The article raises the housing problem as the primary problem of the population life, the problem of the country future. Historical, ideological patterns are identified in the two approaches to the housing construction - in Russia and in West. Domestic and foreign experience in designing and construction of individual houses are compared. Frame technology of construction is analyzed as the most successful and promising in terms of efficiency and functional and aesthetic potential. The results of frame construction are compares in the leading countries of Europe and America. Crucial construction industry, provided a dense small cooperatives, extremely mobile enterprises is showing. It is assumed that the peculiarity of poor domestic inertia is a consequence of low-rise housing and the national mentality, and weakened urban policy, and undeveloped industrial base. The authors insist on the vital need for a new urban strategy, for a program to improve manufacturing capacity fabricated structures and advanced materials.