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Manzhula A.A. 1
1 Kirovograd Institute of Human Development
The article provides for the systematization of approaches to the concept of “public order” in the narrow and broad sense, to find ways to improve it based on the introduction of new conceptual approach to solving problems in the field. With particular emphasis in the article belongs to the study of the structure of social order, which allowed to determine its difference from other social and legal phenomena. Analysis of the structure allows the question of the meaning of public order, which consists of public relations. The paper also identifies a means of regulating social relations that constitute the social order, which are legal, and other social norms - norms of morality, customs, religious norms, rules of social coexistence. Considered the purpose and direction of the public order. Turned his attention to the question of the definition of “administrative and legal support for public order,” the ratio of the concept of “administrative and legal protection of public order,” and considering its components, and the author has presented his direct vision of these concepts.